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An Anniversary

It is almost two weeks since I passed the anniversary of my launch into cyber space and I should have taken that opportunity to say Thank You to my doula, Peter Rukavina for introducing me to the 21st Century and being patient with me through my ever-learning time. I've let him down many times especially with my long pauses. It isn't that I don't think of it and him and you a lot of the time and I do find - or stumble upon - so many great tales [or causes] that I want to share, but I am busy and rather focused on my dream of layering the history of Charlottetown in a way that can be used on a Geographic Information System whenever the City gets really equipped. And I do have my little house to look after and cook a bit and talk to friends and laugh and I do try to go to the archives every day for a few hours. I am reading the 1930's now and it is getting very close to our real memory days, but it is the depression days and things were really slow here in town and I read a lot before I find something that excites me. There weren't really any good fires or murders just the hum drum of life and in 1936 they were still having snow in April. Oh Gad!

Back to this Cyper Space. It is peculiar. Peter tells me I have had over 70,000 hits this year! He can break it down to country and subject-of-interest so it is rather readable. For instance, I know that my tale about Trudeau was the most popular and that my mention of Pierre Berton brought in 39 hits! Curtis Barlow brought in 7 hits and my sad story of Wendell Boyle, 4. I can't even remember mentioning leonida roses that had four hits. I'm glad patriotism had 10 hits, but why would Maurice Richard have 27? It all seems illogical to me on the big picture, but I am very driven by you my dear friend who contact me regularly and obviously make up in some peculiar way 70,000 hits. Oh yes, Peter said there was that interest in Hennessey Cognac!

My promise is to do better in the next year - and did I tell you I was going to get a scanner and that will be fun. There are so many Island stories. Thank you, thank you, Peter and all of you.

Written Tuesday, March 13, 2001 at 08:35 PM

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