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Don Stacey

Yesterday was Don Stacey's birthday. He was a man of many sides. Terribly connected with his Charlottetown days; Prince of Wales College, Model School and West Kent and the friends that he had there. It was almost as if nothing he did after that really mattered. And he did lots. Went to McGill, was a Fisheries Inspector, then went to Dal for Medicine and then became a psychologist, but he never got PEI out of his head. His father, Les, came here in the 1920's to become manager of Woolworths'. As a matter of fact Don went to his grave believing he was responsible for the store burning that December 27, 1941. He had been sent up to stook the furnace the night before and by 8 o'clock the next morning the firemen were fighting "a major conflagration". His father didn't blame him, but he always felt guilty. He loved cars, especially BMW's, and he loved poetry. I'm sorry I didn't get over to Halifax to visit him more often. He passed away early last summer.

Written Sunday, February 04, 2001 at 11:59 PM

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