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  WEDNESDAY, JULY 09, 2003


A couple of weeks ago I went to Boston. Now you have to know that Boston is almost my second home. Kate MacDonald, better know on the Island as Kate Reggie Alex from Souris [now of Halifax as well] had agreed to take me by plane - on her bonus points - to attend a school reunion down there. I was busy and for awhile didn't think I could fit i... MORE >>

  FRIDAY, JULY 04, 2003


On the night of Canada Day, thirty years ago, I stood at a window at Beaconsfield overlooking the crowds coming from Victoria Park after the Fireworks. Thousands of people were there that night and so was the Queen of England. Remember it was the centennial of PEI joining Confederation - The Place to be in'73. It was a beautiful night and mood was... MORE >>

  MONDAY, JUNE 30, 2003

Our Heritage Spaces

Since the very early days of Charlottetown, Queen Square was the centre of government, market, court and church, with our seat of government as its focal point. Throughout the last years a the 19th century exceptional efforts were made to beautify the square and it became a place of great pride to all Islanders and their visitors. It was ont... MORE >>

  WEDNESDAY, JUNE 04, 2003

New Zealand

Thirty years ago this month we were busy at the Heritage Foundation putting the final touches on Beaconsfield. It was to be officially opened on July 2nd by Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth and Prince Phillip. We were working down to the wire. The phone rang and it was a lady from New Zealand who was in New York and "wanted to come over" because her g... MORE >>

No Smoking

Yesterday The Smoke Free Places Act came into effect on PEI. No public places like bars and restaurants can have smoking sections unless they construct a very specially ventilated room and they can't serve food or drinks in it. It is a progressive step. It has taken a long time, especially when you consider the article I read in the December 19, ... MORE >>

Inkerman Shore

In the late forties we were at the cottage at Inkerman Shore. It seems funny now because it really was at the end of Colonel Gray Drive very much within our present city limits. We use to move from Hillsboro Street [then spelt that way] virtually across town for the summer. Our friends the MacDonald did worse than that; they lived on Ambrose Str... MORE >>

  MONDAY, MAY 12, 2003

Brian MacKay-Lyons

Friday night, the 16th of May, at the K. C. Irving Building on the UPEI campus the Friends of The Farm are welcoming Brian MacKay-Lyons as their guest speaker. Brian is an internationally recognized architect in Halifax and for Islanders it is important to know that he is married to one of Stu MacKay's daughters. His topic will be "Public Spaces... MORE >>

Basil Greenhill

In spring of 1972 it was decided that the prime focus of the '73 Centennial Celebration was going to be heritage, heritage, heritage. It was quite a controversial time. I think I have written about it before. Anyway by June we knew that we were going to have a place to celebrate our fisheries history, our agricultural history and our ship buildi... MORE >>

Cultural Circles

Lately I have been thinking a lot about the Cultural Circles that are keeping the downtown of Charlottetown alive these days. Just think about it: the Confederation Centre in the old Market Square - a place that brings together, [at least on an average] 700 ++ persons a night during the summer months and the ambience of the downtown attracts doub... MORE >>

  APRIL, 2003

  • Daylight Saving Time
  • Dark Sky Week
  • Diviner

      MARCH, 2003

  • Canadian Collector
  • Community Concerts
  • Grocery Stories
  • I'm back

      AUGUST, 2002

  • For Peter Mitchell

      JULY, 2002

  • Bring Back The Beaches
  • Downtown Connectors
  • Hop-Scotch
  • Follow Up on Canada Day
  • Happy Canada Day
  • Old Protestant Burying Ground

      JUNE, 2002

  • Beautification

      MAY, 2002

  • A Year Ago
  • Curtain Call
  • Charlottetown, our hometown
  • A. W. Mitchell - Photographer
  • More on Houle
  • Mother's Day
  • Murray Adaskin
  • A New Federal Building
  • Ruby Houle

      APRIL, 2002

  • Downtown Residents Meeting
  • Package-ing
  • Queen Mother's Funeral
  • Our War Memorials
  • A Beautiful Summer Resort
  • Easter Greetings

      MARCH, 2002

  • Arbor Day
  • Heritage Canada
  • The Island Way
  • The Garrison Ball
  • Oscar Night
  • The Hillsborough River
  • A Contracting Firm
  • I Said Julie don't go
  • Friends of The Farm
  • Greenlands

      FEBRUARY, 2002

  • Blinded By Light
  • Hockey Hockey
  • Tick-Tick, Tick-Tock
  • Early Tourism
  • Friends of The Farm Meeting
  • Happy Heritage Day
  • Nora, Nora, Nora
  • The Dear Confederation Centre
  • A Tribute To Princess Margaret Rose
  • Victoria Park again
  • A Christmas Treat
  • Griswold, a civil servant
  • Charlottetown Experimental Station
  • A Liberal Story
  • Victoria Park

      JANUARY, 2002

  • Peter Gzowski [1934-2002]
  • Rudyard Kipling 1865-January 18, 1936
  • Happy Birthday Ole
  • Public Transit
  • Autumn 2001
  • Happy New Year Everyone

      DECEMBER, 2001

  • Happy Christmas to All

      AUGUST, 2001

  • The Sanatorium
  • The Old Saint Dunstan's Gym
  • The Mayor is in Gloucestor, Mass.

      JULY, 2001

  • Vic Runtz 1922-2001
  • I'm Number 2522
  • A Wedding
  • Eaton's on Kent Street
  • Happy Canada Day

      MAY, 2001

  • Fred Hyndman on Catherine
  • New Proposal for Waterfront [from Ottawa]
  • Ottawa Here We Come
  • Dr. John H. Maloney 1918-2001
  • William Cobbett
  • Museum Day and Arbor Day
  • The Palace

      APRIL, 2001

  • Connections
  • Joy of Music

      MARCH, 2001

  • The Silent Balloon Protest
  • International Theatre Week
  • Tribute to Poetry
  • Happy Saint Patrick's Day
  • Beware the Ides Of March
  • The Cummiskeys
  • A Post Office Delivered My Post
  • An Anniversary
  • The Forum

      FEBRUARY, 2001

  • Roller Coaster Ride
  • Gaelyne Craig Gabora
  • An Island Get Together
  • Successful Islanders Aboard
  • New Federal Government Building
  • Saving Small Old buildings
  • Don Stacey
  • Wendell Boyle 1940's-2001

      JANUARY, 2001

  • Culture in Our City
  • Return from the West
  • Exodus
  • Anniversary of the death of King George the 5th
  • Another Dark-Sky Newsletter
  • Winter Evening
  • Billboards

      DECEMBER, 2000

  • Happy Christmas
  • Weather
  • My E-Mail Address
  • Our Government House
  • Elizabeth Bishop Connection

      NOVEMBER, 2000

  • November the 30th
  • Two, Two, Two
  • Oscar Wilde
  • Fine Art Excitement
  • An apology
  • Politicians and The Arts

      OCTOBER, 2000

  • A Conundrum
  • Seafaring Days
  • All Candidates Meeting
  • Ottawa
  • My Grandfather
  • Trudeau [updated with photos]

      SEPTEMBER, 2000

  • Issues to think about Downtown Residents
  • Andrew Collard
  • Public Relief
  • Noise
  • Blue Fields
  • September Week
  • End Of Summer

      AUGUST, 2000

  • Forty Years of Medicine
  • Standard Of Living

      JULY, 2000

  • Royal Visit Picture Album [Updated]
  • Johnny Hatch Day
  • Marc Gallant 1945 - 1994
  • The Fishers Are Coming
  • Summertime and the Living is Easy
  • A Suzie Knickerbooker report on the State Dinner
  • Happy Birthday Pierre Berton
  • The Royal Are Coming
  • Happy Canada Day
  • The Boston States and Back

      JUNE, 2000

  • Advice from a Friend
  • News from Edinburgh
  • Our Landscape

      MAY, 2000

  • Meeting Maurice Richard
  • Concerns from March 9th Residents Meeting
  • Question
  • Council meeting
  • Traffic and Transportation
  • A Streetscape Design
  • Our Downtown Liquor Store
  • Our Co-op Store
  • International Museum Day: Thoughts on the Art Gallery
  • Arbor Day
  • Curtain Up
  • A Second Downtown Residents Meeting
  • Sorry, Sorry, Sorry,
  • A disoriented range light

      APRIL, 2000

  • Canada Book Week
  • Wood Lots
  • Dog River House [now with photo!]
  • The Hillsborough River
  • Advice from the eldest sister
  • Earth Day Enjoy It
  • Walter Jones' Cows
  • John Steinbeck Has Gone Overseas For Guardian Readers
  • Good Friday Tradition
  • Advertising works
  • April is Poetry Month
  • Another poem
  • Attention David Mackenzie
  • Grand Provincial Cultural Exhibition
  • Family Day versus Heritage Day
  • Another Poem
  • Rural Island
  • An Art Rally For The Politicians
  • Peter Rukavina's Birthday
  • Eighty-Six Years Old on the 4th
  • Dark-Sky Association

      MARCH, 2000

  • A Horse Story for John Cousins
  • Confederation Centre of The Arts
  • A review of my causes
  • Old Protestant Burying Ground
  • The Downtown Meeting
  • Prince Edward Island Museum and Heritage Foundation
  • The Furnishings of 19th Century Prince Edward Island
  • My main cause
  • A Thought
  • Who are you?
  • Downtown Residents Meeting

      FEBRUARY, 2000

  • This is an introduction

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